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What is hyperloop technology? and How does it work? – 2020

world’s fastest transportation system

hyperloop transportation technology

Hyperloop is a new generation of high-speed transport

Hyperloop is a new generation of high-speed transport that Elan Mask, the founder and mastermind of Tesla and SpaceX, is at the forefront of by purchasing Hyperloop One.

Top speed:

Imagine going from California to new jersey in just a few minutes, cheap and safe. That’s what Hyperloop is going to do. The idea for the Hyperloop, first proposed by Elan Musk, director of Tesla and SpaceX, is to build a capsule that can travel in low-friction aluminum tubes at speeds of about 700 miles per hour (1,120 kilometres per hour).


A set of capsules will be placed inside the tubes, which will be completely empty. In this case, due to the lack of any friction, an object can be moved up to 1120 km / h.It looks very exciting and crazy. When Mask introduced it, he said they were able to build a prototype Hyperloop. But such a project is lost for anyone who runs two large companies with very dreamy ideas.

“If this project was a priority for me, I would probably be able to do it in a year or two,” says Musk. Now that Elan Mask has disappeared with Tesla and SpaceX on the horizon, it might be better for someone else to pursue the project. This is where Hyperloop Technologies comes in.

Hyperloop one

It has been several years since the Hyperloop train project was commercialized, and the technology is still being developed and expanded by engineers. The Hyperloop train, manufactured by SpaceX, consists of two main corridors that run from San Francisco to Los Angeles and carry passenger capsules at speeds of about 1,126 kilometers per hour.

Motors used:

Wind motors are used to move the capsules, and magnetic accelerators are installed along the corridor to speed it up. The corridors reduce the ambient pressure almost to the vacuum and provide a chamber of air around the capsules, ensuring their safety at such a speed.

In small parts of the corridors, the air in front of the capsules is compressed, which can be a problem. Therefore, corridors need a mechanism to prevent air from condensing in front of the capsules. To solve this problem, SpaceX has designed an Air Compressor in front of each capsule that carries air from the front to the back of the capsule.

Another major problem is that the capsules cannot pass through large or low screws and the heights in the path of the corridors when moving at such a speed. For this reason, this technology is used for direct and ground routes.

In fact, Hyperloop cabins have a floating state in the tunnels, which greatly eliminates the issue of friction and allows the air to reach a speed close to the sound due to the low air pressure. This type of transportation is considered to be the fifth generation of transport and technology that loves nature and low consumption.

Hyperloop Dubai RTA:

In recent days, a deal has been signed between Hyperloop One and DP World in Dubai, according to which it seems that “Hyperloop” technology is set to open its feet to the Middle East soon.

RTA unveil the design model of the hyperloop in Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) unveil the design model of the hyperloop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates February 22, 2018. Hyperloop technology uses an electromagnetic propulsion system to accelerate the movement of goods and services through a vacuum tube. The system is designed to assist the levitation of the capsule slightly off the track within the tube and move it at speed up to 1200 km/hour. Accordingly, the hyperloop could travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes (about 90 minutes in a car), and lift about 10,000 passengers per hour in both directions. REUTERS/Christopher Pike – RC191BFE0750

Peter Diamandis, chief executive of Hyperloop One, said the technology could be implemented in the heart of Dubai’s current transportation corridors, as trucks and trailers were largely removed from the roads. Traffic loads will be reduced and transportation costs will be greatly reduced.

Today, most countries in the world are moving towards the use of superior rail technology, while protecting the environment and reducing air pollution is their number one priority. Let’s not forget that modeling the best railway technologies and gaining the experience of developed countries in the railway sector will achieve the goals of the country’s railways.



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