top 10 programming language 2020
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Top 10 programming languages in 2020 and the job offerings

top 10 programming language 2020

The TOP 10 programming languages  to learn in this day and age is to realize how to code a computer program. Today, PCs have entered in pretty much every industry. Be it the autopilot in an airplane or advanced speedometer in your bicycle, PCs in different structures encompass us. PCs are amazingly helpful for an association to scale up well. Gone are the times of pen and paper. Today, so as to store and access your data, you completely need PCs.

The programmers and designer networks are developing at a rate quicker than at any other time. Different new programming dialects are coming up that are appropriate for various classes of engineers (tenderfoots, middle of the road, and specialists) just as for various use cases (web application, portable applications, game turn of events, circulated framework, and so forth). Each novice is confused with the inquiry, “What programming language should I learn?” Let us investigate best Programming Languages to learn top 10 in 2020 for an occupation and for future possibilities:

Top 10 Programming languages:

1. C/C++

c c++ programming lanagauge

C/C++ resembles the bread and butter of programming. Practically all low-level frameworks, for example, working frameworks, record frameworks, and so forth are written in C/C++. In the event that you wish to be a framework level developer, C/C++ is the language you ought to learn. C++ is additionally generally utilized by serious software engineers infer able from the way that it is very quick and stable. C++ additionally gives something many refer to as STL – Standard Template Library. STL is a pool of prepared to-utilize libraries for different information structures, number juggling tasks, and calculations. The library backing and speed of the language settle on it a mainstream decision in the High-recurrence trading network also.

Difficulty level:  Easy to moderate to learn. 3 out of 5.
Job opportunity:  Moderate! 3.5 out of 5.


  • An aplenty of compilers and libraries to work with [C++]
  • Facilitates getting to blocked or concealed items by other programming dialects [C]
  • Quicker execution of projects than most programming dialects [C/C++]
  • Structures the reason for seeing progressively complex programming dialects [C/C++]
  • Language of decision for multi-gadget, multi-stage application improvement [C++]
  • Offers an extraordinary level of versatility [C]
  • Methodology situated language with a gathering of capacity modules and squares. These make troubleshooting, testing, and keeping up the projects simpler [C]
  • Projects are increasingly productive and straightforward [C/C++]
  • Rich capacity library [C++]
  • Runs near the framework equipment and thus, offers a low degree of deliberation [C/C++]
  • Bolster special case dealing with and work over-burdening [C++]
  • Wide assortment of utilization spaces, for example, games, GUI applications, and continuous scientific recreations [C++]


  • Complex linguistic structure [C/C++]
  • Doesn’t bolster program namespace [C]
  • Unequipped for unraveling present day, certifiable programming difficulties [C]
  • Less productive item arranged framework contrasted with other OOP-based programming dialects [C++]
  • Need to physically make the elevated level builds [C]
  • No trash assortment or dynamic memory assignment [C/C++]
  • and No run-time checking [C/C++]
  • also No severe kind checking [C]
  • Not a simple first-decision for getting the hang of programming [C/C++]
  • Tormented by the issues of cushion flood and memory defilement [C/C++]
  • Littler standard library [C]

2. Java

java programming

is another mainstream decision in huge associations and it has remained so for a considerable length of time. Java is broadly utilized for building venture scale web applications. Java is known to be incredibly steady thus, numerous enormous endeavors have embraced it. In the event that you are searching for an improvement based employment at a huge association, Java is the language that you ought to learn. Java is additionally broadly utilized in Android App Development. Practically any business today needs an Android Application attributable to the way that there are billions of Android clients today. This opens up a colossal open door for Java designers given the way that Google has made a brilliant Java-based Android advancement structure – Android Studio.

Trouble level: Easy to direct to learn. 4 out of 5.

Opening for work: Huge! 4.5 out of 5.


  • A plenitude of open-source libraries
  • Programmed memory portion and trash assortment
  • Follows the OOP worldview
  • Has the stack portion framework
  • A high level of stage freedom on account of the JVM highlight
  • Profoundly secure because of the avoidance of express pointer and consideration of a security chief answerable for characterizing the entrance of classes
  • Perfect for circulated processing
  • Offers an in abundance of APIs for achieving various assignments, for example, database association, systems administration, utilities, and XML parsing
  • Supports multi-threading


  • Nonappearance of layouts limits making excellent information structures
  • Costly memory the board
  • More slow than locally ordered programming dialects, similar to C and C++

3. C#

c# programming language

A universally useful programming language created by Microsoft. C# is generally utilized for back-end programming, building games (utilizing Unity), building Window cell phone applications and heaps of other use cases.

Trouble level: Easy to direct to learn. 3.5 out of 5.

Opening for work: 2.5 out of 5.


  • As pointer types aren’t allowed, a lot more secure than C and C++
  • Capacity to work with shared codebases
  • Programmed versatile and updateable
  • Segment situated, object-arranged programming language
  • Follows a linguistic structure like the C programming language
  • Completely incorporated with the .NET library
  • Perfect for a wide range of Windows advancement
  • Rich arrangements of library capacities and information types
  • Supports type wellbeing
  • Fast gathering and execution times


  • Permits pointers in ‘dangerous’ squares
  • Practically all factors are references and memory deallocation is certain utilizing a city worker
  • Offers less adaptability than C++
  • Requires nice exertion and time to learn
  • Settling blunders requires genuine skill and information

4. Python

python programming icon

without a doubt best the rundown. It is broadly acknowledged as the best programming language to learn first. Python is quick, simple to-utilize, and simple to-convey programming language that is as a rule generally used to create versatile web applications. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are completely worked in Python. Python gives superb library support and has a huge designer network. The programming language gives an incredible beginning stage to learners. Discussing the individuals who are searching for a superior activity, you should learn Python ASAP! A great deal of new companies are utilizing Python as their essential backend stack thus, this opens up a colossal open door for full-stack Python designers. Here is an example Python “Hi World!” program:

Hello World in Python

Difficulty level: Easy to learn. Best language for beginners. 5 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 5 out of 5.


  • Making and utilizing classes and articles is simple gratitude to OOP attributes
  • Broad library support
  • Spotlights on code meaningfulness
  • Can scale even the most mind boggling applications
  • Perfect for building models and testing out thoughts quicker
  • Open-source with an ever-developing network support
  • Offers help for a huge number of stages and frameworks
  • Extremely simple to learn and utilize


  • Not reasonable for versatile registering
  • More slow by righteousness of being a deciphered programming language
  • The database get to layer is to some degree juvenile
  • Stringing isn’t acceptable as a result of GIL (Global Interpreter Lock)

5. JavaScript

javascript icon

“frontend” programming language. JavaScript is broadly used to plan intuitive frontend applications. For example, when you click on a catch which opens up a popup, the rationale is executed by means of JavaScript.

Nowadays, numerous associations, especially new businesses, are utilizing NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time condition. Node.js lets engineers use JavaScript for server-side scripting—running contents server-side to create dynamic site page content before the page is sent to the client’s internet browser. Subsequently now with JS, you can utilize a solitary programming language for server-side and customer side contents. In the event that you are searching for that cool tech work at your preferred startup, you ought to truly consider learning JavaScript.

Difficulty level: Easy to learn. 4.5 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 5 out of 5.


  • Customer side JavaScript is exceptionally quick. It runs quickly inside the internet browser as there is no arrangement necessity
  • Gives a more extravagant interface to a site
  • Profoundly adaptable
  • It is the programming language of the web
  • Diminished site server request by goodness of being customer side
  • Standard updates by means of the ECMA detail
  • A few additional items, for example, Greasemonkey, for expanding the usefulness
  • Shortsighted execution
  • A lot of assets and a mammoth network support
  • Utilized for building a different scope of utilizations
  • Works astoundingly well with other programming dialects


  • Nonattendance of duplicate or comparable technique
  • Permits just single legacy
  • As the code executes on the client machine, numerous individuals decide to cripple JavaScript because of the dread of being abused for a pernicious plan
  • May be deciphered diversely by various programs

6. Swift 

swift programming ios

A programming language that is utilized to create iOS applications. iOS-based gadgets are getting progressively well known. Apple iPhone, for example, has caught a huge piece of the pie and is giving an extreme rivalry to Android. Subsequently, the individuals who need to serve this network can learn Swift programming.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate to learn. 3.5 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 4 out of 5


  • Programmed memory the board forestalls memory spills
  • Supported by Apple
  • Better versatility permits effectively adding functionalities to the item as well as acquiring extra designers
  • Simple to include new highlights
  • Urges engineers to compose perfect and coherent code
  • English-like sentence structure makes it profoundly discernible
  • Interoperable with Objective-C
  • It is conceivable to coordinate Server-side Swift with any innovation
  • Makes code sharing better and improvement process quicker when utilized for both frontend and backend advancement
  • Fast when contrasted with other mainstream programming dialects, for example, Objective-C and Python


  • Restricted people group backing and assets
  • To some degree unsteady due to being a moderately fresh introduction on the programming scene
  • No help for heritage ventures; can be utilized uniquely for iOS7 or later applications


php programming lanaguage

PHP is among the most famous backend programming language. In spite of the fact that PHP is confronting intense rivalry from Python and JavaScript, the market despite everything needs an enormous number of PHP engineers. The individuals who wish to join a sensibly well old association as a backend designer should mean to learn PHP programming.

Difficulty level: Easy to learn. 4.5 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 4.5 out of 5.


  • Bounty of ground-breaking structures
  • Simple to begin for making pages
  • Five star investigating with Xdebug
  • Massive people group support and a colossal biological system
  • Bunches of computerization instruments for testing and conveying applications
  • No shortage of good mechanization instruments for sending and testing
  • Supports object-arranged and utilitarian programming ideal models


  • Creating sites totally in PHP is more slow when contrasted with utilizing different alternatives
  • Needs terms of security
  • Poor mistake taking care of
  • Expects augmentations to a more prominent degree

8. R programming language

R programming lanaguge icon

Is one of the most usually utilized programming dialects for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. This technology gives an astounding structure and inherent libraries to grow incredible Machine Learning calculations. R is utilized for general measurable processing just as illustrations. And has been all around received by undertakings. The individuals who wish to join “Investigation” group of an enormous association should learn R.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate to learn. 3 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 4 out of 5.


  • Capacity to run consistently on different activities frameworks
  • Dynamic, mushrooming network
  • Being open-source and free awards the capacity to make changes according to the necessities
  • Far reaching factual investigation language
  • Exceptionally extensible
  • Incredible bundle biological system


  • Needs security highlights
  • No exacting programming rules
  • Poor memory the executives
  • Nature of certain bundles is disappointing

9. Go programming language

go programming language icon

Otherwise called Golang, is a programming language worked by Google. Go offers brilliant help for multithreading thus, it is being utilized by a great deal of organizations that depend intensely on conveyed frameworks. Go is generally utilized in new companies in Silicon Valley. Notwithstanding, it is yet to be embraced by Indian organizations/new companies. The individuals who wish to join a Valley-based startup represent considerable authority in center frameworks should ace Golang.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate to learn. 3 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Moderate! 2.5 out of 5.


  • Sponsored by Google
  • Being a statically-composed language makes it increasingly secure
  • Cleaner grammar makes it simpler to learn
  • Far reaching standard library offering a scope of inbuilt capacities for working with crude sorts
  • Perfect for building SPAs (single-page applications)
  • Savvy documentation
  • Fast as it is aggregated to machine code


  • Nonappearance of a virtual machine makes complex projects less productive
  • Understood interfaces
  • Needs flexibility
  • No GUI library
  • Oppressed library support



This technology is a measurable investigation instrument that is utilized in different businesses for Data Analysis. This is utilized broadly in the Computer Vision and Image handling industry too.

Trouble level: Easy to direct to learn. 3 out of 5.

Opening for work: Huge! 4 out of 5.


  • Facilitates creating logical reproduction on account of a rich inbuilt library
  • Usefulness can be expanded incredibly by including tool stash
  • High coding effectiveness and profitability as it doesn’t require a compiler for execution
  • Perfect for creating logical research applications
  • Matlab Coder permits changing over code for utilizing in other programming dialects, for example, C++, Java, and Python

Stage autonomous


  • Not allowed to utilize, requires buying a permit
  • Very little application past the extent of numerical processing
  • Managing blunders produced during cross-aggregation requires broad information and experience
  • More slow due to being a deciphered programming language


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