Top 10 Programming Languages That Will Rule in 2021 Top 10 programming languages for beginners in 2021
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Top 10 programming languages for beginners in 2021

It can be a bit daunting for any beginner who has just started learning how to code or for anyone who would like to start it! There are many different programming languages to choose from, and sometimes choosing which one to start with or which one would suit you can be difficult.

Yes, the most important prerequisite for almost every discipline is programming language, whether it be web development, machine learning, data science or any other. And, every year, we see how the ranking of these programming languages fluctuates among developers according to their demand & popularity.

No worries, we have made it easier for you somehow, as we have compiled a list of the top 10 programming languages that will rule in 2021, based on several standard reports and analysis. Let’s take a look at these programming languages, In this post I will go through top 10 popular languages in 2021 so stay tuned:

top 10 programming languages to learn in 2021 for free online


1. JavaScript

JavaScript is another language which is in high demand at the moment, but it is not to be confused with Java! Java is a programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language. It is relatively easy to learn but perhaps not as easy as something like Python. It runs on every single platform and is already in your browser for you to start learning which means you do not need to install it. If you want to build anything for the web then JavaScript must be on your list of programs to learn.

You can start using JavaScript straight away to start building websites and games for the web. It is one of the fundamental technologies which the web we know of today is built on. It is dynamic and is flexible to use on object-oriented programming. It derives much of its syntax from The C Language (discussed below).

Though the language is primarily known for adding responsive elements on web pages it has a wide range of applications such as in web development, game development, mobile application development, and many more. Moreover, the language is being used for both – Front End Development and Back End Development. Also, its compatibility with some prominent frameworks like React, Vue, Node, etc. makes it more preferable among the developers. As there are millions of websites already existing over the web that are heavily relying on JavaScript and on top of that, looking at the demand & dominance of the language, it won’t be wrong to say that JavaScript will rule in 2021 as well!

2. Python

Python is one of the most widely-used high-level programming languages. This is mostly because it is simple, readable and you can use fewer lines of code to express a concept than you would have to with other languages. It is a scripting language which allows you to produce a lot of code in short periods of time.

It is opensource and free and there are a lot of tools and documentation available for learning Python. There are some great official tutorials which are easy to follow and there is less of an emphasis on syntax which would suit beginners. It is a good stepping stone for moving on and learning other object-oriented languages.

As per the RedMonk Ranking report for the year 2020, Python outranks JAVA to become the second most popular programming language. The language has experienced tremendous growth of around 18-19% in the last 5 years. At the PYPL index, Python is ranking at the #1 position for December 2020 index. The language ranks among the most popular programming languages in several other renowned platforms also such as Stack OverflowGithub, etc. Also, the compatibility of Python with trending technologies like AI & ML makes it more preferable among the developers.

3. C/C++

There are numerous large tech companies with respectable compensation packages such as Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc. that employ C/C++ developers. And learning C/C++ in 2021 is not only advantageous from a career perspective, it also makes it easier for you to learn other programming languages later.

Both C and C++ are occupying a considerable portion of the tech world and currently ranking at the top positions on various indexes. At the TIOBE index of 2020, C and C++ are ranking under the top 5 programming languages at first and fourth position respectively. At the PYPL index, C/C++ has seen an upward trend of around 0.1 % and is ranking at the #5 position.

If we particularly talk about C language, the general-purpose procedural programming language is majorly used in the development of low-level systems like operating systems, kernel development, and others. And many other programming languages inherit the properties of this particular language. On the other hand, C++ is an object-oriented programming language (primarily developed as an extension of C). The language is widely used in Game Development, GUI & Desktop applications, and Competitive Programming along with several other fields.


4. Java

One of the world’s most common programming languages is Java. In 1995, Java 1.0 was released on the Write Once Run Anywhere principle. It is an object-oriented, class-based language that is designed to be universal, meaning that it can be found on all platforms, operating systems and computers.

Java has been used for so long that there is lots of information about it on the web. This is ideal for beginners because this means that almost certainly any question you have has already been asked and answered by someone else in the Java community. It has an incredible toolset and great editors which let you know straight away if you have any errors. Java programming is a highly sought after skill and knowledge of it opens a lot of doors in terms of employment.

Many times it seems out that JAVA is losing its charm but when we look at the actual stats – every year JAVA ends up with a really good ranking that proves the particular language is still doing well and in-demand in the tech world. There are around 8 million JAVA developers across the world – maybe this number can help you to assess the demand & popularity of this particular language. Also, the language is enjoying a top-second position among all the programming languages in the ranking of TIOBE and PYPL. As per the RedMonk reports, JAVA is ranking at 3rd position below JavaScript and Python only.


5. Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented scripting language that is used in the development of websites and mobile apps. It is similar to Python in that it is simple and readable. It is usually focused on web-based applications. It is the language that powers their framework, Ruby on Rails, which is behind websites such as Twitter, Groupon and GitHub.

It is easy to learn with a helpful 20 minute quick start guide on the official Ruby website. It is straightforward and easy to read with a large community behind it of programmers willing to answer questions. There is a lot of documentation available as well as great resources which will help you to grasp Ruby from the very beginning.

Learn Ruby here

6. Kotlin

In short, Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that is statically typed and supports object-oriented as well as functional programming functions. The great thing about the language is that it is completely Java interoperable and supports all libraries of Java.

The language is also much simpler to understand, and it can also be used for web development and desktop application development alongside Android development. Some of the common frameworks for Kotlin, and companies like Pinterest, Uber, Netflix, etc., are Javalin, KTor, and Vert.x. are giving various job opportunities for the Kotlin developers. As known to everyone that the market of Android is not heading for retirement anytime soon hence you can opt to learn Kotlin in 2021 for some worthwhile career opportunities in the future.

In the present day scenario, whenever there is a talk of android app development – the name of ‘Kotlin’ undoubtedly comes first! Though, a huge inclination of developers towards Kotlin is noticed after Google declared it as its preferred language for Android application development. The Stack Overflow survey states that Kotlin ranks 4th among the most loved programming languages. Also, the number of Kotlin users in the Github community is increasing significantly.


7. R Language

In the world of programming, R is another emerging name! In the field of data science, mathematical analysis and machine learning, it is an open-source programming language that is commonly used and provides you with a large range of libraries and frameworks.

It’s a very suitable language for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. It can also be easily combined with several technologies, such as Hadoop & Spark, for data processing.

Some of the other prominent features of this specific language make it a more common language among developers, such as cross-platform compatibility, highly extensible, powerful graphical capabilities, distributed computing, etc.

R has seen an exponential rise in its ranking on various reputed indexes for programming languages. Particularly on TIOBE ranking, it has jumped to 9th position from 16th position within a span of less than 1 year.  Various big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Uber, etc are using the R language for their businesses, and considering the rapidly increasing demand for data science and machine learning trends, learning the R programming language is surely worthwhile for your future career endeavors.


8. C#

The language is regularly used by developers and companies such as Intellectsoft, Capgemini, etc. in Unity game engine applications, which also uses C# for companies, meaning that work prospects are also satisfactory for C# developers on the market. So, you should go for it without giving a second thought if you’re looking forward to learning C# in 2021!

The general-purpose programming language is developed by Microsoft primarily for its .Net framework. The language is extensively used for game development along with the development of Windows applications, server-side applications, etc. Moreover, C# comes up with a rich set of libraries that makes it a faster and efficient programming language. Some of the remarkable features of the language that are often appreciated by the developers are – structured language, faster compilation, updateable & scalable, component-oriented, complete integration with .NET library, and many more.

For the last many years, C# is holding a good position in the list of top programming languages of almost every index. The language is ranked at 4th and 5th position at TIOBE and PYPL index respectively. On GitHub Language Rankings, it holds a place at the #5 position consistently for the last two years. Also, alongside India, there are enormous career opportunities for C# developers in other countries.



The open-source server-side scripting language is used for the website development and comes up with some popular features including cross-platform compatibility, object-oriented programming features, simple integration with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc, massive community support, and many more.

The language is highly recommended for beginners because it is much simpler to understand. Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc. are some of the common PHP frameworks you may take into consideration. So, PHP will be a fantastic choice for you if you’re especially looking forward to moving into the web development domain!

Like many others, if you’re also considering that PHP is not worth it to learn in 2021 then you must know that the language is still doing very well in the tech world and is being preferred by the developers. As per the TIOBE Index for December 2020, the language secured a place under the top 10 programming languages at the #8 ranking. Infact, at RedMonk Ranking reports, the language is ranking at 4th position surpassing other prominent languages like C++, Kotlin, etc. Even, various renowned websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, etc. are heavily relying on PHP and are providing numerous career opportunities for PHP developers regularly.



Go is a Google-developed, statically typed programming language with a syntax similar to C. It offers you numerous enriching features such as collection of garbage, dynamic typing, protection of type, high performance & productivity, and many more.

The language allows multithreading and can be used in cloud computing, distributed networks, etc. The best thing about the language is that it solves many big problems, such as slow compilation and execution, rich standard library unavailability, etc.

Though Go is not that much-hyped programming language, in the last few years it has witnessed a considerable increase in its demand & popularity among the developers. According to the Stack Overflow reports, Go falls under the list of top 5 most loved language by developers for the year 2020. Companies like Uber, Google, etc. are working with the Go language and you can choose to learn Go as it seems that the language is going to bigger & bigger in the coming years.



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