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The Golden age of gaming consoles in 2020

 Release of the next generation Gaming console: PS5 and Xbox X

Gaming console There is not much time left for the next generation of consoles, and right now, in the discussion of gaming, you can see the excitement that has formed around this issue. But what matters now is what effect the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have on the gaming process. Based on the evidence and information we know about both consoles, it can be said that the next generation of consoles are very similar in terms of hardware to the processes, and this similarity will definitely be useful for both ends of the spectrum.

Both the Gaming consoleXbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 feature AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 chips at the heart of their hardware. As you can see, the next generation of technologies have been used in the construction of the next generation of consoles, and like the eighth generation, we are no longer going to see the relatively old hardware in the PlayStation 5 or Xbox X series. Gaming console Interestingly, the tough counterparts we’re talking about aren’t yet on the market, and it will probably take a while for us to see relatively similar components on gaming processes.

Gaming Console​ specs

Graphic Card:

latest xbox graphic card Gaming Console​

Nearly two years have passed since the first controversy over the introduction of retrieval (or porthole tracking technology) for gaming processes. However, we now know that both the next-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles will benefit from this technology thanks to the architecture of AMD RDNA 2 graphics, and we should probably see the advancement of lighting techniques in console games in the not-too-distant future.

Latest AMD Gaming Console​

Another console’s AMD technology that is set to hit the PlayStation 5 is called SmartShift. SmartShift dynamically divides the system’s energy consumption budget between the GPU and the CPU, ensuring that the system can use the available energy without the loss of performance. The good news is that SmartShift is also active on gaming laptops that have Radone GPUs and 4,000 Rizen APUs, and can be used to improve the gaming experience.

  • Nanite: This feature allows developers to add highly detailed stats to their games, regardless of system limitations. Ordinary LODs or maps usually require more detail. Details that actually need to be designed manually and naturally take a lot of time from the development team. But with Nanite, this process can be bypassed, allowing developers to spend more time creating beautiful, detailed details and making sure that Anriel Engine is able to stream them simultaneously so that system restrictions are not a problem.
  • Lumen: A dynamic global illumination technology that draws strength from retrieval. This system directly and instantly adapts indirect and scattered lights to the scene you are watching. This gives the player more freedom of action and more flexibility for more realistic lighting or design of day and night rotation mechanisms, and they can achieve something that was virtually impossible with pre-determined lighting or complex coding.


latest console memory RAM Gaming Console​

One of the things that was maneuvered when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series were introduced was the support of both consoles for NVMe drives. This is already seen in the new gaming process, and many of today’s motherboards support extremely fast SSDs.

For the console Xbox Series X, Microsoft plans to use the new Xbox Velocity architecture. However, as the evidence shows, it is unlikely that the footsteps of the four major DirectStorage technologies, the personalized NVMe SSD drive, the Sampler Feedback Streaming drive, and the dedicated dedicated computing unit of this architecture will soon open up to gaming processes.


In addition to the console’s upgraded bandwidth, a new input and output API is also designed to reduce CPU tasks to handle more important activities. This is especially important for home consoles, which often run at lower clock speeds than their counterparts, and can have a significant impact on our gaming experience with consoles.

Originally, SFS is part of the recently introduced DirectX X 12 Ultimate API‌, which is likely to have an impact on the wave of new games that will be released in the near future. In addition, DirectX 12 Ultimate includes DirectX Reutering, Variable Rating Scheduling and Mesh Shedder, and is a great API for the new generation of gamers. Interestingly, DirectX 12 Ultimate, like its ancestors, is compatible with hardware developed by Nvidia and AMD, and all its features are available on them.


latest console audio system

Three-dimensional and space-saving audio playback, such as HRTF processing, is one of the things that has long been at the forefront of gaming processes. CPUs were often responsible for processing more complex sounds, unless you had a digital-to-analog audio converter or had dedicated chips in your headsets to improve the sound. But now we see that Microsoft intends to improve the quality and detail of the sound that the Xbox Series X Buyer wants from the games with the help of the more sophisticated acoustics project and algorithms.


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