how to minify css javascript html files in wordpress
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Best and Easiest way to Minify CSS, Javascript , HTMLwithout Plugin in wordpress 2020

The employ of too many plugins to your wordpress blog by no manner be a honest thought when that it’s now not so onerous to hack your wordpress engine. Why web now not strive and slash serve the employ of plugins? Coz some plugins can even be added simply by appending the plugin’s code to your template characteristic. In conjunction with this irregular trick to minify HTML, javasript and CSS, it takes honest one step to end it.

How to minify css and js wordpress without plugin?

how to minify css js and html in wordpress 2021


Minifying html, inline javascript and CSS is in actuality reducing the scale of these files so this can even be smaller and sooner to obtain and shown in your browser. The implementation of this minify characteristic is in actuality easy, by eliminating the white areas, arguments and comments of inline javascript, CSS and HTML files. This minify characteristic can even be hide in WP-Minify plugin, or ought to you employ W3 Total Cache plugin you can possibly possibly also merely advised this feature. Nonetheless since we’re now looking out to slash the employ plugins, we better strive this manual attain coz I also realized the minify characteristic doesn’t in actuality work correctly in W3 Total cache.

You perceive, it’s in actuality easy to end this, merely replica this magic minifying code (Be taught about Code) and add it to functions.php file in your theme directory, attach, and it’s completed!

By adding this minify characteristic, you can gaze the source of your html, inline javascript and CSS are now compressed. The scale will be smaller and somewhat pleasurable to improve your pageload journey apart from google pagespeed and yslow grade (ought to you care). To leer whether the minify characteristic works correctly, merely gaze your situation source or press Ctrl + U out of your keyboard. After all of the source, you ought to aloof gaze this message:

<!–-HTML compressed, size saved …%. From …bytes, now …bytes-–>

Well, that’s it! Straightforward, eh? Strive and slash serve the employ of pointless plugin whereas you comprehend it’s miles straight forward and fun to end it by your self. Furthermore strive and slash your plugin by setting up WP Web snarl Navigation without Plugin or yet any other largely broken-down wordpress feature Connected Submit by Tags and Category Without Plugin. Private a strive and Blissful Running a blog!

Why You Should Minify Your HTML, CSS and JavaScript Files

Not only does having a fast website make Google happy and help your website rank higher in search, but it provides your site visitors with a better user experience.

There are several statistics that make it clear why site speed is crucial: 40 percent of individuals won’t wait 3 seconds to load your homepage, and Google recommends that pages load within 2-3 seconds.

Minification provides many advantages:

  • Smaller files mean that your site’s total download size is decreased,
  • Visitors to the web will be able to load and navigate your pages more easily,
  • Without needing to download larger files, site users would have an equal user experience, and
  • If less data is transmitted over the network, site owners can get lower bandwidth costs.

Minification is done until a response is submitted on a web server. The web server uses the smaller and much faster minified files after minification instead of the original ones, resulting in lower latency without losing functionality.

Minifying files can save up to 30-40 percent or even 50 percent of the file size in some instances, as SEO expert Yoast describes.


I hope you have demystified mining in this article and given a strong understanding of what it is and how you can apply it to your website.

It is necessary to bear in mind that mining is more of a fine-tuning step-you may see a little change in the pace of your site, but it will not be significant. That said, in addition to other efficiency and optimization strategies, such as merging files, it’s a best practice worth implementing.

Also, make sure you configure, test, reconfigure, retest, tweak and check what works best for your website when minifying your files because every website is different.


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