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Kojima wants to make a scary game in 2020 Stay tuned




Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear and Death Stranding series, wants to make a scary game to get your pants dirty!

Although the PT demo was not a complete game and has not been downloadable for years, it was arguably one of the most controversial games, and even the entire entertainment product of recent years. Even six years after its release, new secrets are being discovered that make Konami’s hated affair with Kojima and the cancellation of Silent Hills even more painful.

However, Kojima has repeatedly expressed interest in making a horror game. He was to receive a BAFTA Fellowship, but made a summary video before the awards ceremony. In it, he said he wanted to create a revolutionary horror game with which players could get their pants dirty. And yes, he insisted that he meant number two, not number one!

ScaryGame Kojima

However, Kojima’s scary game continued that he would not use PT as a reference and considered it merely an experiment.

PT was a mysterious game made by a mysterious studio, released without any prior notice, and used banned techniques to increase fear. That’s what we did once, and we can’t use that method anymore. PT just finished as an experiment, but I want to make another horror game one day. Something that uses a revolutionary method to create fear and makes you dirty your pants. I still have ideas in mind.

death stranding hideo kojima game

Death Stranding is a scary game that won’t be released until November 8th, but it’s already one of the most-anticipated video games of all time. The game’s legendary creator, Hideo Kojima, has shrouded the project in mystery, providing only minimal details in interviews and alluding to a surprising and genre-bending final product. Luckily, we have some exciting new info: Death Stranding will reportedly feature a pee mode that makes your hands smell like piss. You heard it here first!

What? Why?

After reaching out to Kojima’s scary game, hoping to get more insight, all we heard back was, “It’s always been my vision to make your hands smell like piss.” The creator is known for ruffling feathers and pushing the boundaries of what a video game looks and feels like, but it seems like he’s messing with us, right? Like, how does it even work?

What Will It Look Like?

Here’s what we know: While playing as Norman Reedus’s character, you can take a detour once every fifteen minutes and enter into “Pee Mode.” You’re in the character’s POV as he looks around for a place to relieve himself, and then suddenly there’s piss all over your hands, and you can smell it. We don’t know if there’s an added piss-smell-cartridge you have to purchase for your controller or what. But we guess it’s weirdly kind of impressive? We guess? Maybe we’re just not getting this. Kojima is a genius, right? Geniuses are sometimes ahead of their time.

Again … Why?

Everything else about this game looks amazing. Kojima has proven to be a visionary creator, and the game features a star-studded “cast,” so maybe we should just get on board with Death Stranding pee mode. Maybe we just need to be more open-minded. Maybe, by presenting something we’ve never experienced in a video game before (i.e. smelling like piss) Kojima is giving us something we don’t even know we need.

On the other hand, this could just be one of many features Kojima added so he can laugh at our expense. We’re definitely buying the game the day it comes out either way.

Kojima and his studio’s plans are currently unclear, and we only know that Death Stranding will be available on PC this summer . Kojima has already hinted at rebuilding Silent Hill , but even if that’s true, you’ll have to wait.


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