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Apple’s new iPad Pro series 2020 Review

IPad Pro 2020 Review: A tablet that is closer to the MacBook than ever

IPad Pro 2020 review | Review of the iPad Pro 2020 – When you wear an expensive pair of shoes, or lean on a soft sofa, or feel comfortable and happy when typing with a laptop with a great keyboard. This is exactly the feeling I had in the first half hour when I wanted to work on the iPad using the track pad.

I had a keyboard and a track pad on my desk, and I used them to work on a beautiful 12.9-inch display. The feel of this device is exactly the same as that of a laptop.With a little hesitation, I can say that all the problems of the iPad have been solved. Using a real iPad tracker with an iPad is a magical feeling I’ve never experienced before.

Now that I’m at home and not going anywhere, having an Apple device that I can do everything with is really nice. Yes, the new iPad Pro is exactly the device I’m talking about. The only problem may be the price, which has made it a luxury item.

Track pad

The mouse pointer on the screen, which is shaped as you approach the icons, is really lovely. This new experience is like merging a touchpad with a touch screen. This feeling is much more natural and better than half and half support for the mouse in iOS 13.

Multi-touch controls work exactly the way I am used to, and it’s very enjoyable for me: three fingers to exit the program, two fingers to move between the pages of the program, three fingers up to select the program that is open. Drag three fingers left and right to switch between different programs. Now I can use clicks instead of touching the screen, and two-finger clicks do the same thing as holding a finger on the iPad screen, opening a menu of different items. I can boldly say that the feeling of working with a trackpad is even better than the touch of an iPad display, at least when working.

ipad pro 2020 trackpad

Track pad feels strange but in a good way 🙂

When I wanted to edit my posts, I used TurkishPad, in fact I wrote this review using the iPad Pro. However, editing text using an iPad trackpad is not the same as leaving a laptop. Clicking and dragging on the trackpad does not always select the text, sometimes displaying the mouse pointer itself without selecting the text. This entanglement sometimes makes the experience of working with it annoying. It seems very easy to solve this problem, but the current way of selecting the text slows down the work. Apple will soon update its core apps to suit these features, and many of these issues seem to be fixed with the update.

It would also be much better if I could move faster between open windows of a program. The Slide Over feature (Apple’s chosen name for the ability to open a program floating on the main program) also doesn’t work very well with cracking. It is also difficult to open two programs at the same time. The iPad needs an update to improve its multitasking capabilities. Although I can open and move a lot of programs right now, it doesn’t give me the exact sense of pleasure I’m looking for.


Augmented Reality Features

I still don’t know what the ultimate goal of an iPad Pro’s rear sensor may be. Apple is rapidly moving towards AR technology, which is likely to reach its destination with the introduction of a headset or augmented reality glasses. The Lead sensor is the first hardware to reflect Apple’s future. The sensor’s 5-meter range and 3D simulation capability are exactly what we need in an AR headset. We will probably see this sensor in future iPhones as well.

Apps that use Apple’s ARKit load faster and perform better, but that’s the only tip of the iceberg. Three-dimensional scanning of objects and simulation of surroundings, these are really weird and I’m very curious what the next step in the world of technology and Apple will be. Of course, this feature is a bit professional, and many users may not need it at all. There are already some programs that can scan the environment without the use of depth measuring hardware and using other methods.

The rest are almost the same as the previous iPad Pro

According to Geekbench 5, the new A12Z processor is not much different in speed and performance from the iPad Pro introduced in October 2018. Of course, Apple itself did not claim to increase the speed of this tablet, but said that its graphics have been upgraded and the heat management produced has been improved to maintain its performance. It’s weird, but the new iPad chip isn’t based on the A13 used in the iPhone 11 series. However, the new iPad Pro has great performance and speed and is technically the most powerful current iOS device.

Its design is nowhere different from the previous generation: the same Retina OLED display, the same FaceID camera on the front panel, the same USB-C port, and the same magnetic part for connecting the Apple stylus; All of these sections are exactly the same as in the previous iPad Pro. The only thing that changes the look of the camera is the back panel, which is housed in a square module and is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, making it impossible to use your previous iPad Pro case.

Of course, there are some other improvements, such as Wi-Fi 6, which speeds up your connection to the Internet and microphones on the screen. But in general, the iPad Pro 2020 is not much different from its 2018 version.


Take Away: ( iPad pro 2020 )



  • Trackpad support is good and practical
  • Improved microphones on the iPad
  • Environmental 3-D scanning camera
  • Support WiFi 6
  • 128 GB of memory in the base model



  • Similar design to the 2018 iPad Pro
  • Its price goes up a lot with the purchase of accessories
  • There are no programs to test AR capabilities
  • It’s not much faster than the 2018 iPad Pro


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