How to use snapchat mapping How does Snapchat Map feature work in 2020?
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How does Snapchat Map feature work in 2020?

snapchat mapping feature

And how to remain anonymous

In case you’re a devoted web based life client like me, you likely get energized when one of your most loved applications reveals another element.

I recall the rush I felt when Instagram submitted a general direction to Snapchat (how about we be genuine, Instagram duplicated them) and permitted clients to present Stories what’s more on photographs. I felt a similar when Twitter chose to build their character limit (let the fuming initiate). Notwithstanding, I was both captivated and somewhat mistook for the presentation of Snapchat Map.

Chances are you already know how to use Snapchat but are unsure what the Snap Map brings to the table, how to use it, and what you can expect. If that’s the case, keep reading for a complete rundown of all things Snap Map.

What is Snapchat Map?

Snapchat Map, in some cases called Snap Map, is a component inside Snapchat that permits clients to stay up with the latest with the areas of their companions, notwithstanding seeing Snaps and Stories. Propelled in June 2017, Snapchat advertised Snap Map as “another approach to see the world” from on your telephone.

Makes Snap Map energizing that it’s interesting to anything on other internet based life stages. While you can label your area on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snap Map transforms sharing your area into a visual encounter.

Upon dispatch, Snap Map included 30 million clients. Its most well known day of the week for utilization is Saturday, as individuals are increasingly disposed to be keen on what companions are up to during their extra time.

Since its introduction, the quantity of clients on Snap Map has declined, regardless of whether that be on the grounds that it’s not, at this point new and energizing, or because of the potential threats and protection worries of individuals having the option to see where you are consistently.

There are a great deal of components that you can discover on the guide, so you might be at first confounded with respect to what’s going on with everything, how to explore different highlights, and how to refresh your settings. For a full breakdown of what you can anticipate from Snapchat Map, read on.

snap chat road mapping


How to use Snapchat map

Before you can utilize Snapchat Map and begin investigating the world, you have to empower areas administrations. In the event that you have an iPhone, basically open up your settings and look to Privacy. Once there, tap the change to turn on the spot benefits. At that point, look to Snapchat and choose “while utilizing the application.”

This implies your area will possibly refresh when you’re utilizing Snapchat, so you don’t need to stress over it refreshing out of sight and depleting your battery or utilizing every one of your information.

How to open Snap Map

Prepared for another approach to see the world? Opening Snap Map is simple. In case you’re an iPhone client, pull down the camera screen. In case you’re on an Android gadget, squeeze your fingers internal from the camera screen.

Features on Snapchat Map

When you’re on the guide, you may feel overpowered, as there is a ton going on. How about we separate precisely what’s going on with everything on Snap Map.


Regardless of whether you’re in an exceptionally populated city or a provincial town, you’ll notice that Snap Map includes a warmth map that shows where the most Snaps are being taken (in the event that you don’t see this, zoom your view out to see more zones of the guide).

Regions that are light blue or green are the place Snaps are being taken. Zones that are yellow, orange, or red have a broad measure of Snaps being taken. On the off chance that you tap your screen on zones of the Snap Map that show one of these hues, you’ll have the option to see Snaps that individuals have taken and submitted to “Our Story.”

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Stories vary from Snaps as these are made around explicit areas or occasions. This can be anything from a historical center, game, or well known landmark. For example, in the event that you zoom out of the Snap Map to New York City, you are probably going to see Times Square as a featured area. Stories that are taken on occasion Square show up inside the round Story.

Snapchat story map feature



In case you’re a devoted web based life client like me, you likely get energized when one of your most loved applications reveals another element.

friends map on snapchat

Highlighted Event

Snapchat highlights featured occasions constantly on the Snap Map. To discover these occasions, either tap the particular occasion or compass symbol legitimately over the “catch” button on the Snap Map screen.

Highlighted Event on snapchat

When you do, you’ll be taken to the occasion, where you can see a short depiction and Stories that have occurred there.


Contingent upon where you will be, you may likewise observe different landmarks on the Snap Map. Places, for example, the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, and The Sydney Opera House are totally shown with an interesting symbol. In case you’re searching for additional insights concerning that landmark, tap its symbol to see extra data.

Search Bar

At the highest point of Snap Map is the Search bar. This proves to be useful in case you’re searching for a particular companion, occasion, or landmark.

Sharing your area on Snapchat map

Prepared for your companions to perceive what you’re doing? Tap the apparatus in the upper right corner of the Snap Map. There, you can refresh precisely who does, or doesn’t, see your area.

Share location on snapchat

Snapchat Map Settings

Ghost Mode

Flip this on in the event that you aren’t keen on anybody knowing where you are or what you’re doing on Snap Map. This mode will consequently empower on the off chance that you haven’t been dynamic on Snapchat for over two hours.

My Friends

Pick this choice in the event that you’d like every one of your companions on Snapchat to see your area subtleties.

My Friends, Except

This choice is incredible on the off chance that you have a select a few companions on Snapchat that you don’t need knowing where you are. Simply look through your companion list and pick who won’t have the option to see your area.

Just These Friends

At the point when you pick this setting, you can look through your companion rundown and pick which companions can recognize what you’re doing.

Change my Outfit

Hoping to give your Bitmoji a makeover? Rather than going legitimately to the Bitmoji application, you can undoubtedly refresh your outfit straightforwardly from this screen. This is extraordinary on the off chance that you’ve had an adjustment in design sense, or it’s another season and it’s an ideal opportunity to discard the shorts and shirt look you’ve been shaking.

Time to begin exploring!

When you’re good to go, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate the world, see Snaps, watch Stories, and appreciate all that Snap Map brings to the palm of your hand. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you’d preferably not, that is alright, as well! Snapchat understands this element may not be for everybody, and you can undoubtedly turn it off. Ideally we have made it simpler to choose if you’d prefer to be found or stay a puzzle.

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