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How to record google meet session in high quality and rewatch it anytime and share it 2021

Record Google Meet session

The lockdown imposed in countries across the globe in light of the Covid-19 outbreak has contributed to a sudden increase in the use of video conferencing software. Though employees use these apps to communicate with their peers, students from school and college turn to these apps for online classes to attend. In the current situation, Google Meet has emerged as one of the world’s famous video conferencing apps.

There has been a 60 percent rise in Google Meet use over the past couple of weeks, according to Google. This is 25 times more than what it was back in January this year the company’s corporate video conferencing software reports.

Google Meet comes with many sophisticated features that make it easier for users to connect when in the real world they do not communicate with them. The capacity to record meetings is one of these characteristics.

Here’s how you can capture meetings in Google’s video conferencing software if you are using Google Meet, too. But before you do that one thing you should know about this feature is that when Google Meet is accessed on a PC, it only works. Simply put, it won’t work if you connect to a conferencing call through your mobile.

There are several benefits to the ability to record calls to Google Meet. A meeting recording, for example, may be exchanged later for use in training, to rehash a project’s information, or to take notes about what was discussed.

But not everyone is able to record a call to Google Meet. Google Meet videos can only be captured by individuals within the same organization, by the organizer of a conference, or by an educator using Google Meet as a classroom.

Additionally, documentation is normally limited to members of the G-Suite Enterprise. Recently, however, Google has made this role open to all until 30 September 2020.

With that said, here’s how to use any browser on your Mac or PC to record a Google Meet video call.


Here’s what you need to do once all the prerequisites are met:

These are the steps on how to record google meet session:


Step 1:

Open Google Meet, and begin a meeting or join it.

joining google meet session

Step 2:

Press More, followed by Record Meeting.

google meet more options

Step 3:

Wait to start the recording.


Step 4:

Press More and when you are finished, stop recording. (It’s worth remembering that when everybody leaves the meeting, the recording often stops.)

google meet stop recording

Step 5:

For verification, press Stop Recording Again.


Step 6:

Wait for the recording file to be created and saved in the My Drive > Meet Recordings folder of the meeting organizer.

where google meet recordings are stored


What went on record at a video conference

  • Regardless of the style you select (i.e. Sidebar, Spotlight, or Tiled), the active speaker appears in fullscreen mode during recording.
  • When you share your phone, you can catch a video of yourself presenting (if your camera is on).
  • In the video, pinning a person would not impact who is seen.
  • When recording, if a participant turns on live captions, the captions will not be recorded and will not appear when you play the recording.

Some things to consider before recording

  • As a best practice, before starting recording, it’s always useful to remind other meeting participants.
  • If students are with you at Google Meet, before recording, make them all mute their mics.
  • Recording in a comfortable and distraction-free environment.
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are turned on.
  • Do not have private or sensitive student and staff-related details available on your monitor while your screen is shared.

This training assumes that with your MPS email address and password, you are logging in to Google and that you have started a Google Meet from your machine. Note: A mobile version of the video recording is not available.

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